M 5 month stats

November 15, 2015

Only 2 weeks late, no big deal.

Morrison turned 5 months old on Halloween, and so far this has been probably his most eventful month yet. We don’t have a well-check until 6 months, so no official numbers again this time.


But here’s what’s happening with this adorable little boy now:

He’s rolling. Back to front happened just a few days after his 5 month birthday, and it’s now his favorite activity when you put him down on the floor.


He’s eating. He started getting solid foods the day after his 5 month birthday in the hopes that a dinner of solids might help him sleep through the night better. The jury is still out on that, but my new method of not feeding him at all during the night and just soothing him back to sleep in his crib with a pacifier and back pats if he wakes and fusses seems to be inching us closer, anyway.


He’s teething. Ugh. That first tooth broke through that same week with the rolling and eating, and I don’t think he liked it at all. That’s a lot for 1 tiny body to handle all at once. And then the second one decided to join the party 2 days ago as well. Wahoo!

He’s drooling. Still and always.


He’s cute!


Here is the monthly comparison shot, and they were all taken in the same spot for once – Della, Lana, Morrison, left to right. And here is Lana’s 5 month post in case you’d like to compare notes as well.


This little boy is an absolute joy, and I swear he just keeps getting happier and happier! Love, love, love.





Happy Halloween 2015!

November 3, 2015

It was rainy and cold, the kids were frozen within minutes, but we still had fun!







October 23, 2015

Post image for Three!

Lana Marie just turned 3!



Our beautiful second born turned 3 years old on Wednesday, and I can’t believe how much it seems like she’s grown up in just these past couple weeks. Her sentences are clearer, she pronounces sounds so much better (especially “L”), and she’s getting so tall! I’ll catch myself looking at her and thinking, “Where in the world has my baby girl gone??” Fortunately, her answer to that question is always, “I’m right here! I’ll always be your big baby girl.”



She’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s pretty independent, and she’s wickedly creative. For as often as she makes me yell, I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love this girl and how full my heart and soul are because of her.




I’m secretly thrilled that I get to have her at home with me for another whole year after this one before she has to head off to K4. Spending my days with her and now Morrison, too, makes me so happy.




We love you so much, Lana Marie! Thank you for being the sprite-liest part of our family!!


This is pretty incredible – check out this shot of Della at her 3rd birthday party compared to the one of Lana from her party last weekend. Ryan actually did a double-take, thinking the one of Della was Lana! I’m apparently very creative with their hairstyles at this age. And if you’re interested, here is Della’s 3 year old post. I’m sure it’s chock-full of stats and how her development was at that point, whereas Lana can’t be described by numbers and measurements. This one is off with the fairies!


And a bonus comparison today! Lana loves her birthday parties, as evidenced by the same pose at her 1 year party.





They’re Frozen

October 6, 2015

I forgot to put one of my favorite pictures in Morrison’s update post last night, so I’ll just give it its own. Presenting my Frozen trio!  

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M 4 month stats

Thumbnail image for M 4 month stats October 5, 2015

Morrison turned 4 months last Wednesday and we had his 4 month checkup that night, so here are his official stats. The girls’ stats are in parentheses for comparison – he’s huge! And I didn’t get the % or head measurement written down, so I’ll ask for those next time. Height:  26.75″ (D: 25.5″, L: […]

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The middle

Thumbnail image for The middle September 24, 2015

Little sister Big sister #2 Giant blue eyes Mile-long lashes Gorgeous Independent Loud Incredible Playful Creative Infuriating Aggravating Lovable beyond belief Squeezable Kissable Cheeks Little snaggle teeth Adorable lisp Nigh-Night the Monkey Princesses Tinies Running Jumping Marching Twirling “I love you, Mama.” (showing me “I love you” in sign language) “Pinky promise I’ll love you […]

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The real deal

Thumbnail image for The real deal September 10, 2015

Della started K5 last Tuesday, and it’s the real thing, folks. All-day school. Wow. Just like last year, I had no idea how I was going to bear having her at school, let alone for the full day now. The night before the first day, I was a complete wreck. I couldn’t focus my mind […]

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