Deck the halls

November 30, 2016

And all that jazz…


Our tree is up, tiny, and perfect for this year. I wanted a small one so Morrison doesn’t constantly trip and fall into the thing, ruining umpteen ornaments. Next year we’ll probably be back to full size. I think it turned out splendidly.

I’m pretty sure this is the earliest I’ve had all of our Christmas decorations up, and it feels great. Now we can just sit back, enjoy them, and soak in the spirit of the season.

Happy holidays, everyone!


Thankful, always

November 22, 2016

Thankful for a beautiful 6 year old whose kind heart and amazing mind inspire me and make me prouder every day.

Thankful for the most incredible 4 year old I’ve ever known. Her fairy spirit knows no bounds, and the inner workings of her mind are some of the most indescribably magnificent places humankind has ever experienced.

Thankful for an adorable little almost-18 month old whose smile lights a room, whose laughter brightens the darkest hours, and whose hugs make everything better.

Thankful for the man whom those 3 miracles call Daddy, without whom none of this would be possible.

Thankful for the time to be everything to our children, day and night.

Thankful for the health and strength to be everything to our children.

Thankful for family near and far, here and beyond. No matter how frequent or infrequent the contact, all are forever a part of us.

Thankful for friends old and new. Those friends who are always there, who know your secrets, who will keep you laughing until your sides ache and your cheeks hurt, and who make it seem like no time has passed at all when you meet again.

Thankful for friends, neighbors, and good people who believe in and value the same things. The importance of knowing you are there for our children, too, cannot be put into words.

Thankful for this house that becomes more and more our home every day. Our children came home here, are growing up here, and are learning life here. It is ours and they are safe here.

Thankful that our children are already realizing this is what’s important in life; that not everyone has what we do even when so many have so much more; and to be thankful and grateful, not greedy and selfish.

So very thankful, always.

Happy Thanksgiving!




November 13, 2016

Lana turned 4 on October 21, and she simply gets more twinkly and beautiful by the day. And since I’m almost a month late with this post (shocking, I know!), I’ll fill it with lots of pictures of our incredible middle born.









I just reread her 3-year-old post from last year, and it’s clear that her amazing aura hasn’t changed. But seriously, these kids need to stop growing so fast! I swear the height of things she can reach gets taller daily. Within just the past couple weeks she has become able to ring the back doorbell without me having to lift her up. Thankfully her answer to my question of “Where is my baby girl going?” is still the same as it was last year. “I’m right here!”





It’s funny, because lately she’s been saying, “I feel like I’m 3 today.” She just tickles me to death. Her creativity has only increased exponentially with age, with tinies still being her M.O. She is also drawn to all things Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Frozen, and princesses and fairies. At any given moment her favorite color is pink, indigo (yes, indigo, not just purple), or turquoise.





She’s become extremely helpful with Morrison, as those two are my little pals all day while Della is at school. I’m honestly going to cry when Lana has to start school next year because I’m going to miss her so much! I’m trying to treasure these days with her home all the time and cherish every last second.




She skips through life with her top piggie and curls bouncing, and I could not love her more for it. She makes up and sings little songs; loves to say, “Mama, guess what?”; adores making collections of things in nature; takes cultivating her fairy garden very seriously; will choose playing just a little longer over doing whatever it is that I’ve asked every time; always needs more hugs and kisses good-bye from Della in the morning school line; is my willing partner whether we go for a run or do what she calls my “inside exercises;” comes out and snuggles up at my side after every nap; is up before Della to come join me in the kitchen almost every morning; has taken to writing me letters and drawing me pictures for our bedroom gallery just like Della; and still never lets Nigh-Night get too far from her side and her sucking thumb.





The overwhelming feeling of joy and love I feel when I simply think of this girl is indescribable. There is something about her that is tied so fiercely and permanently to my heart and soul that I can’t even explain it. The sparkle she brings to this world is heavenly, and I hope it shines as brightly as it possibly can forever.


Happy birthday, Lana Marie! We love you beyond words and to the moon, stars, and tip of my heart and back!


And just for grins, here’s Della’s 4-year-old post to see how these two spectacular little ladies compare and contrast.



M 15 month stats

Thumbnail image for M 15 month stats October 24, 2016

Seriously? I can’t even believe how late I am for this post, and that’s saying something, seeing how I haven’t been “on time” for a post in about 4 years. Morrison turned 15 months old almost 2 months ago! In all fairness, we didn’t have his 15-month well check until he was almost 16 months […]

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1st grade

Thumbnail image for 1st grade September 1, 2016

Della started 1st grade today, and I missed her the second she walked through those doors to begin this new school year. I miss her like crazy every time she goes to school, but I know she’s going to have a wonderful year again. After meeting her teacher, Mrs. Tauscher, the other night at meet […]

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Please don’t go!

Thumbnail image for Please don’t go! August 31, 2016

I cannot believe today is the last day of summer vacation and we have to start the school routine all over again tomorrow. Waaahhh!!! Della is so totally excited to get back to school and start 1st grade, but I am so not ready for summer to end. It is my absolute favorite time of […]

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Thumbnail image for Six! August 9, 2016

Our beautiful firstborn turned 6 on August 1, and she just keeps getting more amazing by the year. This past year has definitely been one of much growth for her. Not only is she getting taller by the day, but she had her first year of all-day school with K5 and absolutely loved it. She adored […]

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