1st grade

September 1, 2016

Della started 1st grade today, and I missed her the second she walked through those doors to begin this new school year.


I miss her like crazy every time she goes to school, but I know she’s going to have a wonderful year again. After meeting her teacher, Mrs. Tauscher, the other night at meet and greet, she is dying to get started on their classroom travel adventures and getting her passport stamped.






One of her good little girlfriends from K5 is in her class again this year and they’re even sitting at the same table, so Della is very happy about that.



I hate it when these giant chunks of my heart leave me to walk around in this big, wide world all by themselves, but at least I can rest a little easier knowing she’s in such good hands at this school. I just pray that it forever stays the safe haven it has always been for her and all the other kids there.


Good luck this year, sweet pea! 1st grade looks beautiful on you! (feel free to slow down on this growing up thing any time, though…)




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Please don’t go!

August 31, 2016

I cannot believe today is the last day of summer vacation and we have to start the school routine all over again tomorrow. Waaahhh!!! Della is so totally excited to get back to school and start 1st grade, but I am so not ready for summer to end. It is my absolute favorite time of the year, and this one has been especially good. Why must all good things end so soon??


We kicked off the summer in high gear, as I explained just over 2 months ago in this post. Then came week after week of playing with friends; runs and bike rides; trips to the library and fountain; visiting the beach to make sand castles, look for sea glass, and picnic; and just generally enjoying the hot, sunny days to the fullest. No lessons, no schedules, no commitments, just fun.






The 4th of July is always a fun celebration in Whitefish Bay, and this year was no different. All the kids love to go up to watch the parade and collect as much candy as their little arms can possibly carry. Ryan and I saw a couple concerts at Summerfest, which were great since I hadn’t been in a couple years, and Morrison went to his first Brewers game, a milestone occasion.

2016 4th #4



The kids and I had a wonderful vacation in Canada, which was extra nice this year since we missed getting up there last summer after Morrison was born and we went out to Colorado for my sister’s wedding. We drove up with my mom and stayed on the island for almost 2 weeks with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew. The kids absolutely adored being up there, and all 3 turned into the best little water bugs by the end of the trip. I actually got to enjoy some peace, quiet, and sunshine during nap times, and I read more in those 2 weeks than I have in at least 2 years. I was almost as sad to see that vacation end as I am to see this summer end. (i could fill an entire post with pictures from that trip, but this selection will do for now)















Then this last part of the summer during August has just been a whole lot of relaxing and playing around here, with a trip back to the Wisconsin State Fair thrown in for good measure. Today we went for one last run together as a crew of 4, then down to the beach to look for more sea glass. Unfortunately, the waves were bigger than I’ve ever seen them down there and it was way too dangerous for the kids to go near the water. Not to mention there was no beach on which to search today since the waves came up so high. So the girls were bummed, but I promised them we can go back down this weekend to check again. I so cherish my days home with all 3 kids, and I’m going to miss having Della around with us all day when she goes back to school tomorrow.





We met her teacher last night at meet and greet and she does seem awesome, though, so I think Della is going to have a very fun year. They have a travel theme in their classroom, and Mrs. Tauscher (d’s teacher this year) said they’re going to travel all around the world, learning tons of new things as they go. They even have little construction paper passports with their pictures in them that they get to stamp all year, so that got Della very excited. And I was put at ease yet again to know that she’ll be in such good hands all day when she’s out of mine.


So cheers, Summer of 2016! You were an amazing couple of months, and I will miss you dearly. Hopefully this transition back into the school routine and the coming cooler months won’t be too hard for me, because I truly yearn for your sunshine and warmth all during our long, dreary days of winter around here. I will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of your cousin, Summer of 2017, in roughly 280 days!





August 9, 2016

Our beautiful firstborn turned 6 on August 1, and she just keeps getting more amazing by the year.


This past year has definitely been one of much growth for her. Not only is she getting taller by the day, but she had her first year of all-day school with K5 and absolutely loved it. She adored her teacher, Mrs. Murphy, and really thrived. She is such a good student and loves to learn. She’s so looking forward to getting back there in a few weeks and starting 1st grade!




She loves the monkey bars, riding her bike, scootering all over the place, running around the yards with her neighborhood friends, any show on PBS Kids, America Ninja Warrior, Masterchef, and still all things Frozen and Hello Kitty. She has become the best reader, with the Magic Treehouse series being her favorite. And she is the most wonderful big sister, constantly playing with Lana and Morrison.





Della is one of the kindest, sweetest, most conscientious, and gorgeous people I know, inside and out. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter. The size of her heart and the limitless expanse of her mind inspire me and make me prouder every single day. She truly is a friend to all.




Happy 6th birthday, our sweet Della Jolee!! Words can’t even describe how much we love you!





He’s One!

Thumbnail image for He’s One! June 23, 2016

Morrison turned 1 year old on May 31, so this post is extraordinarily late. However, I just realized the other day that we didn’t even have his 12-month well check until June 15, then I forgot to get the sheet from his doctor with all his stats on it so have been waiting to receive […]

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Summer vacation!

June 20, 2016

School’s out, school’s out! The night before the last day of K5… Della has been out of school for a week and a half now, and it has been so great! I absolutely adore having all 3 of these munchkins with me all day again, and it’s so much fun to see especially how Della entertains herself […]

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M 11 month stats

Thumbnail image for M 11 month stats May 11, 2016

Morrison turned 11 months old on April 30, so this post isn’t even 2 weeks late! Excellent. I feel like I’ve said this for the past couple posts, but, overall, things are pretty much the same with this sweet little boy. He loves to talk and shout all over the house, he eats like nobody’s […]

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These days

May 6, 2016

These days are filled with the voices of 3 tiny humans. Some days contain more shouting than others, but all are full of love. These days are filled with tiny hands and feet and faces. These days are filled with wiping those tiny hands and butts and noses, hopefully not at the same time. These days […]

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