M 11 month stats

May 11, 2016

Morrison turned 11 months old on April 30, so this post isn’t even 2 weeks late! Excellent.


I feel like I’ve said this for the past couple posts, but, overall, things are pretty much the same with this sweet little boy. He loves to talk and shout all over the house, he eats like nobody’s business, he’s still letting us sleep through the night, and he would crawl as fast as he could after his sisters to the ends of the earth.


His walking is slowly becoming more steady and preferred over crawling now, however. He still does love to drop down, put his head down, and crawl to get you as fast as he can, but he can now fully walk across rooms. And his cute little shuffling side step has given way to a full-on belly-first, forward-leaning, barreling walk. It’s adorable.


He loves to snuggle, and that is one of my most favorite things about him. He snuggles into my shoulder. He snuggles face-first into his rag. He snuggles into his sleep friends in his crib. He leans in to give head-first snuggles to people as hugs.


I seriously can’t believe he’s going to be 1 in just a few weeks. The days before him are still pretty vivid in my memory, but they seem like forever ago. So it’s a weird combo in my mind.


Here are the posterity stats, since we won’t have official numbers until next month: size 3 diapers, size 4 overnights (the size 5 overnights leaked, too, so we went back to 4s and they magically stopped leaking for some reason. odd), clothes are now mainly size 12-18. He still drinks 4 bottles of formula daily – wake-up, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and bedtime – but we are on his last can of formula before switching over to whole milk. Hooray!! Naps are still 2 a day in the morning (half an hour to 2 hours, depending on the day) and afternoon (1-2 hours, depending on how long his morning one was), bedtime is at 7, and most nights he’ll sleep until 6-6:30. So that is amazing and magical compared to a few short months ago. Whew.


And the moment you always wait for, the Goonie trifecta comparison – Della, Lana, Morrison. Here, too, is Lana’s 11 month post, which again contains a link to Della’s 11 month post. Goonies abound!




These days

May 6, 2016

These days are filled with the voices of 3 tiny humans. Some days contain more shouting than others, but all are full of love.

These days are filled with tiny hands and feet and faces.

These days are filled with wiping those tiny hands and butts and noses, hopefully not at the same time.

These days are filled with peals of laughter and screams of upset, sometimes simultaneously, and not always from those 3 tiny humans.

These days are filled with the goodnight hugs, kisses, wishes and dreams, breakfast orders, one-more-drink-of-waters, one-more-rub-my-backs, and can-you-start-the-music-over-one-more-times that seem to take 18 times longer than the bedtimes themselves.

These days are filled with cutting food into tiny pieces.

These days are filled with many ridiculous kid-friendly words to mask the adult words that really want to come out of my mouth sometimes.

These days are filled with the almost magician-like ability to know where each and every piece of clothing for all 3 children is so that one can be pulled out at a moment’s notice when pee, poop, food, grass stains, mud, or some other such substance destroys the original article of clothing from any given day.

These days are filled with an amazing display of coordination and logistics – making sure everyone is up in time, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, one lunch packed, one backpack readied, socks and shoes and coats on, gone to the bathroom, diaper changed once if not twice, and smaller kid and baby loaded into the stroller in the mornings to be ready to walk the bigger kid to school; repeating said process with the smaller kid and baby 7 hours later to pick the bigger kid up from school; taking the bigger and smaller kids to swim lessons once a week; making sure the baby gets the appropriate amount of formula in his bottles every day, since these are the last weeks of formula for him before switching to whole milk; making sure that same baby also gets a wide enough variety of real food to keep him full after meals without offering him things that immediately end up on the floor; ensuring the bigger and smaller kids get outside as often as possible when the weather is nice so they don’t make me run screaming, I mean so they get some exercise in play; making sure all 3 are pj’d, teeth brushed, peed and diaper changed, bottle given, and in bed on time; and generally ensuring the health, happiness, safety, and security of 3 tiny humans.

These days are filled with tiny footsteps at 2:45 a.m. when the music has stopped and needs to be restarted.

These days are filled with lifting the smaller kid up to the kitchen sink to wash hands after going to the bathroom because, for some reason, she prefers that sink to the one that is 6 inches from the toilet in the bathroom and has a stool right underneath it for small kids to climb up and wash their own hands.

These days are filled with baby cries and snuffles in the middle of the night to find that magical pacifier that sends him instantly back into the land of nod.

These days are filled with a tiny head peeking over the side of a crib at me in the morning, bouncing up and down, eager to start his day with me.

These days are filled with races between the bigger kid and smaller kid from the kitchen to the living room and back, since to them that seems like a mile.

These days are filled with 2-wheeled bikes for the bigger kid, scooters and training wheels for the smaller kid, and strollers for the baby.

These days are filled with grabbing the baby’s hands out of the garbage can, away from the bigger and smaller kids’ art stand, out of the cabinets in the kitchen, off the nightlight in the hallway, away from outlets, away from Daddy’s stuff, and preventing him from falling into the laundry hole (for it literally is a hole, not a chute).

These days are filled with “Mama.” “Mama?” “Mama!”

These days are filled with load after load after load after load of never-ending laundry.

These days are filled with snacks and bottles and sippy cups.

These days are filled with picking up endless numbers of toys endless times every day. Why do we have so many toys? My no-toy rule has somehow been completely ignored for the past 5 years.

These days are filled with kisses for bumps, bruises, and scrapes.

These days are filled with preventing arguments, reminding of manners, teaching responsibility, showing compassion, trying to teach right from wrong, teaching kindness and inclusion, showing how to make good decisions, ingraining the importance of respect, instilling self-confidence and a strong sense of being loved and belonging, teaching that everyone has a story and is important, and daily trying my damnedest to be the Mama they deserve and to not raise little assholes.

These days are filled with tiny eye rubs when the Sandman is near.

These days are filled with burp rag-covered shoulders and baby snuggles.

These days are filled with a complete, purposeful, and pretty much blissful ignorance of basically anything outside my 4 walls and 3 tiny humans, especially politics. Wait, it’s an election year??

These days are filled with pb&j, hot dogs, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets. You know, my favorite foods.

These days are filled with a ferocity of love that I never dreamed possible before having these 3 tiny humans.

These days are theirs, and I try to be as present as is humanly possible for every single one.

These days are mine, and they are finite, so I cherish every single one.

For those 3 tiny humans? They are mine. And they make me so, so very happy.



M 10 month stats

April 26, 2016

Terribly, terribly late, since he turns 11 months in just 4 days and then 1 year old (!!!?!?!??!?) a month after that, but here is Morrison’s 10 month update post. It’ll be short and sweet since the next one is coming so soon (hopefully!).


Life is very much the same as it was in his 9 month post, so I’ll just let you reread that one for a minute if you need to. The big change is this almost walking thing, as he took a full handful of steps toward me just this morning.


He is still eating like a man; napping like a champ in the afternoons and usually mornings, too; adoring playing with and slobbering all over his big sisters, as much as they run screaming from the baby drool; still realizing that sleeping all night is wonderful; and simply loving life in general. He really is a happy little boy and loves to shout to let everyone know.


Posterity stats – size 3 diapers, size 4 overnights (although those have been leaking for about a week solid now so I think we’re moving up to size 5 overnights already), size 12 or 12-18 month clothes. I just switched out all his clothes to bring up the 12-18 month stuff for the rest of this cold season and this summer from his big cousin, and there are some absolutely adorable outfits in there! I’m very excited for him to get to wear all of them now, which he definitely will since he needs a full wardrobe change practically every day after getting his lunch all over himself.


Now the monthly Goonie brigade – Della, Lana, Morrison. And Lana’s 10 month post for comparison (Lana’s monthly posts also contain links back to Della’s monthly update posts if you really want to dig through these kids’ histories).





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M 9 month stats

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M 8 month stats

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