1 month stats

November 27, 2012

Lana turned 1 month old on November 21, but we didn’t have her 1 month checkup until yesterday. So here’s how month 1 has gone…

  • Weight: 10 lbs. 3.5 oz. (75%) {7 lbs. 7 oz. at birth; 7 lbs. 8.25 oz. at 4 day old checkup (50%)}
  • Height: 21.5″ (50%) {19.5″ at birth; 20.5″ at 4 day old checkup (75%)}
  • Head: 38 cm (75%) {35 cm at 4 day old checkup (50%)}

The doctor was surprised that her height was only in the 50%, but she thinks that will start catching up quickly seeing how tall her parents and sister are.

Sleeping – about 2 wake ups right now. She usually eats somewhere around 9 and goes to bed, then wakes at 2ish and 5ish. Sometimes the wake ups are earlier/later, but they’re generally within an hour of those times. Last night, however, she did only wake up once at 3, but I’m not anticipating that to repeat itself tonight. Of course Della woke up last night too for the first time pretty much since Lana’s first night home, so I was still up twice. Because why wouldn’t she? But Della had dropped one of her nightly wake ups by the time she was 2 months old, so I’m hoping Lana will do the same.

Her daytime schedule hasn’t really solidified itself yet. Most days she’ll wake up and eat between 7-8 somewhere then go back down for a solid nap shortly thereafter. Then she’ll wake mid-late morning to eat and be up for a bit. Another nap generally comes in the early afternoon with more feedings throughout the evening (she “snacks” a lot during the day i’ve noticed) and maybe a short nap around dinner time, but that last part of the day is often fairly random. And then there are days that follow no set pattern whatsoever, so like I said, we’re still working on figuring out what she likes to do during the day.

The past couple days have gotten better, but she’s a pretty fussy little kid. She doesn’t have colic, thankfully, since she doesn’t scream bloody murder for hours on end, but she definitely prefers to be held than put down. So I invested in a sling this time around; it certainly helps free up my hands when Della needs something and I’m trying to get anything done around the house. I know everyone says to forget about how the house looks when there’s a new baby, but when things start getting messier than usual, piles of junk take up more and more surfaces, and I can see dust bunnies rolling around, I start to get itchy. But again, like I said, she’s seemed to calm a bit within the past couple days. Right now she’s actually lying on her giraffe playmat on the floor staring at her hanging toys, something she rarely does.

This kid is strong! From about the minute she was born she’s been able to pick her head fully up off your shoulder and move it around. She turns it side to side on her own while sleeping, even though I do make sure to put her down on opposing sides during the night. She grips stuff like nobody’s business, and she loves to try to stand up when her feet rest against your lap. She enjoys busting her little hands out of her swaddle, but it does still help keep her contained and calmed at night. She’s quite the startler, too. I admitted that napping on her stomach helps that to the doctor yesterday, for which I was promptly scolded. I know you’re not supposed to put babies on their stomachs until they can roll to help prevent the

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