2 month stats

December 22, 2012

L 2 mos

Yesterday was Lana’s 2 month birthday, we had her checkup on Wednesday, and here’s the lowdown:

  • Height:  23.25″ (75-90%)
  • Weight:  11 lbs. 2.75 oz. (75%)
  • Head:  the doctor didn’t write down the measurement, but it was in about the 50% again

She’s growing like a little sunflower! And her eyes are staying so blue, I love it! Even the doctor said she thinks they’ll keep that color since they’re so strikingly blue right now. Yay! I love the dark hair with blue eyes combo, and we both have so many sets of blue eyes in our families I’m very happy one of our kids has gotten them.

Her sleeping is getting good too. I think she’s down to 1 wake up per night for good (knock on wood!). She’ll typically go to bed around 9, wake up around 3-4, then wake again around 7-8. If she wakes toward the earlier end of those ranges she usually will take a solid morning nap after that 7 am-ish feeding, and if she wakes toward the end of those ranges she’s usually up for a while during the morning before her mid-day nap. Then there’s normally an evening nap before her last feeding before bedtime.

She still nurses about 7-8 times per day, as evidenced by that weight gain. I started giving her the one bottle per day with her vitamin drops in it last month, which I’ll continue until she stops breastfeeding. Fortunately she does great with the bottle, and I’m able to pump plenty to keep our frozen supply full.

And she smiles now!! That started at exactly 6 weeks, and it is just the most joyous thing ever. She won’t look like a grumpy little man forever, hooray!! The best are her morning smiles. She’s always so happy when I get her out of her crib to wake up. Probably because I’m unswaddling her and her arms are finally free.

She’s started “talking” a lot too, and loves to lie on her plush giraffe play mat and swat at and talk to the little toys that hang down from its arches. She will happily lie there for good chunks of time, which is very helpful to me. She also loves to get her little fists in her mouth, and has been doing that for the past couple weeks too. I think we may have a thumb-sucker on our hands. Fine by me; less time we have to spend messing with that pacifier, which she still loves to calm down or help fall asleep. Thankfully, though, she doesn’t sleep with it or need it to fall back asleep once she’s out.

I think that about does it for this month. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with our 2 little angels this year!





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