M 3 month stats

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Welcome to ScooterMarie. If you’re new here, please take a second to subscribe to the RSS feed or via email, so you never miss any brilliant posts. Thanks for visiting!Morrison doesn’t have his next well check until 4 months, so this will just be a brief update post. He turned 3 months on Monday, August […]

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Thumbnail image for Five! August 14, 2015

LATE! Again, I am beyond late with this post, but I just cannot seem to get on here in a timely manner anymore. So please forgive my tardiness and enjoy this post about our magnificent first-born, who turned 5 almost 2 weeks ago now. 5 years and almost exactly 2 weeks ago, I was about […]

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M 2 month stats

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We had Morrison’s 2 month well check last night, and here are the official stats: Height:  24″ (83%) Weight:  13 lbs. 10 oz. (72%) Head:  40.5 cm (82%) He got his first round of real vaccinations then, too, and he definitely was not a fan. Just like the girls, though, he screamed as the shots […]

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M 1 month stats

Thumbnail image for M 1 month stats July 28, 2015

Yes, I’m way behind again on my posting, especially with updates of life with Morrison and 3 kids, but I figured I had to at least get his 1 month update post up here before he turns 2 months old in just 3 days. Gheesh! Here are his 1-month checkup stats compared to his first […]

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It’s a boy?!?

Thumbnail image for It’s a boy?!? June 19, 2015

Ok, yes, here I am, weeks late again with this post, but you’ve probably come to expect that from me by now, haven’t you? And I’m sure most of you know, or have assumed by my absence, that #3 has arrived!!! So, without further ado, here’s the birth story of our adorable #3… *** Sunday […]

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38 weeks

Thumbnail image for 38 weeks May 27, 2015

Will this be the last update? … How far along?  38 weeks. Della was born 6 days from now; Lana was born 8 days from now. Total weight gain:  Like 40 pounds. I was actually down 3 lbs. from last week’s visit at my appointment yesterday afternoon, so who knows what that’s all about. I’ll take it, though. Probably […]

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Almost 4 no more

Thumbnail image for Almost 4 no more May 24, 2015

Seeing as #3 could easily arrive any day now, I wanted to get at least 1 non-pregnancy-update post down before that happens. Knowing our third child might be here momentarily, I’ve been trying to savor these last few days with just the 2 girls as much as possible. Watching each of them as they play and […]

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