The races are over!

Thumbnail image for The races are over! September 27, 2014

Last Saturday was my final race of this running season, the Brewers Mini-Marathon and 10k. Thank heavens I chose correctly for once and did the 10k, because there’s no way I could have┬ádone another half marathon. It started and ended at Miller Park, and the course was surprisingly much harder than I anticipated. Since when […]

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Her first BFF

September 16, 2013

Della has a little troupe of girls with whom she likes to play the most in the kids care room at the gym, and I just love it. I simply cannot get enough of seeing these tiny little girls running around together, laughing, playing, singing, being silly, and just embodying the true spirit of children. […]

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Friday Funk

June 7, 2013

Ok, 2 things today… Last week I got a total “Mama Fails” award. The event I had been fearing and dreading finally happened. Lana fell off the changing dresser. Ugh! I knew this was going to happen since she is now so squirmy and rolly when you put her up there, so I can’t believe […]

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Buffett #9

August 29, 2012

Saturday was our annual trip to the Jimmy Buffett concert at Alpine Valley, and I’m pretty sure this was my 9th show. We’ll have to do something fun for my 10th anniversary next year. A signature cocktail maybe? This was the 2nd time I’ve gone while 7+ months pregnant, and I will admit, it wasn’t […]

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A day at the races

Thumbnail image for A day at the races June 5, 2012

Saturday we went up to Road America in Elkhart Lake to watch the AMA Pro Racing Superbike races, and it was a great day. It started off a little breezy and chilly when the sun went behind clouds and then some rain passed through late in the day actually delaying the final race of the […]

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Happy anniversary to me!

Thumbnail image for Happy anniversary to me! March 1, 2012

Today marks 1 year exactly since my very 1st post on ScooterMarie. Now how do I go about celebrating that? image source I would have loved to show you screen shots from all the iterations of my blog design since last March, but unfortunately I was never trolled by so I can’t grab any […]

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Hooray beer!

Thumbnail image for Hooray beer! February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day! I’m not really sure what the proper way to honor a day that comes only once every 4 years is, but how about with some beer? Sounds good to me – come on in! Last Saturday we went to Bockfest at Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI, just on the west side of […]

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