38 weeks

Thumbnail image for 38 weeks May 27, 2015

Will this be the last update? … How far along?  38 weeks. Della was born 6 days from now; Lana was born 8 days from now. Total weight gain:  Like 40 pounds. I was actually down 3 lbs. from last week’s visit at my appointment yesterday afternoon, so who knows what that’s all about. I’ll take it, though. Probably […]

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Almost 4 no more

Thumbnail image for Almost 4 no more May 24, 2015

Seeing as #3 could easily arrive any day now, I wanted to get at least 1 non-pregnancy-update post down before that happens. Knowing our third child might be here momentarily, I’ve been trying to savor these last few days with just the 2 girls as much as possible. Watching each of them as they play and […]

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37 weeks

Thumbnail image for 37 weeks May 20, 2015

FULL TERM!! And in other news, my fingers have begun to feel like sausages. Excellent. How far along?  37 weeks. Full term, kids. This baby could literally come at any time now. Total weight gain:  Like 40 pounds. I’ve had 2 appointments since last week’s update, so I can’t hide from the scale. I’m now just a little […]

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36 weeks

Thumbnail image for 36 weeks May 13, 2015

You guys? Almost full term. !?! Sorry for the 3-week lapse, too. No, I didn’t go into preterm labor; I’m just lazy. I mean busy. How far along?  36 weeks. Which means that in about 1 more week the baby could be born and basically be fine. I’m still predicting around 39 weeks for the actual birth […]

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33 weeks

Thumbnail image for 33 weeks April 22, 2015

Ok, I’m just getting lazy now. I won’t even try to lie about it. If every other week is as often as I can make myself take a picture and sit down here, then so be it. But that means you get to see an even bigger belly each time. Lucky ducks you are! How […]

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31 weeks

Thumbnail image for 31 weeks April 8, 2015

Sorry I skipped the 30 week update last week, which I considered to be a fairly big one, but I am just so tired all the time lately. I know that comes with being in my 3rd trimester with my 3rd baby, but still. I kid you not, if I simply don’t feel like doing […]

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29 weeks

Thumbnail image for 29 weeks March 27, 2015

Wednesday marked 29 weeks. Which means next week is 30 weeks. Which means we are on the verge of only 2 months away from meeting this kid. Which means there will soon be 3 tiny humans in this house! Holy shit, where’s the Tylenol? (name that movie. and i just realized i say “holy shit” […]

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