December 18, 2011

Friday afternoon I was craving a tasty glass of wine, as is usually the case when the weekend is fast approaching. We had D’s holiday party at daycare first, so afterward I dropped D and R at home and ran up to the grocery store to peruse their selection. (side note – D wanted nothing […]

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Week in My Life – Day 2: Tuesday

October 11, 2011

We’re underway in Week in My Life, and this is pretty fun. In case you need a refresher of what this week’s all about, you can read yesterday’s recap

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‘Tis the season!

September 29, 2011

For one of my favorites…   Yes, I’ve been playing around with Instagram again. So sue me; it’s fun!  

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June 17, 2011

One word: sous-vide (or 2 words, depending on if you use the hyphen or not) Say what? Sous-vide – it’s R’s new culinary experiment, and it was a screaming success. He’s been wanting to test out this cooking method for weeks now, and last night was the debut. Basically you vacuum seal food in plastic […]

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Cabbage patch

May 23, 2011

So this whole milk drying-up procedure has turned out to be much more painful than I expected. Remember how I thought that since my pumping had slowed down so much recently my risk of exploding boobs was pretty much gone? Yeah, I was wrong. Everything I read said that in order to get your milk […]

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Any old Friday

May 16, 2011

I apologize – I am remiss in my food reporting duties here. I totally forgot about the culinary highlight of the weekend… R bought lobster tails Friday night – hooray!! We met at the Milwaukee Art Museum Friday afternoon after work to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit as this was the last weekend […]

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It’s 4-20 day, dudes

April 20, 2011

No, I’m not tokin’ it up today at all, but I always just giggle a little when this day rolls around. 😉 Completely unrelated to my post title, what I really wanted to do here was brag about my husband again and his ridiculous cooking skillz. What was on the menu last night, you ask? […]

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