The Life of L

Della has her own page on here, so I wanted to start one for Lana, too. This one won’t be quite as daily journal-ish as D’s is, though. I’ll use this space mainly to keep track of milestones, stats, things of that nature. Basically whatever I’d want to keep track of in a pen-to-paper journal and/or stuff that doesn’t really go in a baby book. So here we go…

October 26, 2012

First walk with Mama, Dada, and Della – early polling place, pumpkin park, Sendik’s (Della’s first walk destination too).


October 31, 2012

Happy 1st Halloween! You wore a little “Baby’s 1st Halloween” onesie and a kitty-cat hat. 1 week-ish dr appt – already up to 8 lbs. 5 oz., 13 oz. more than you weighed at your 2 day post-hospital checkup the week before!


November 2, 2012

First major outing – visit to Daddy’s office then lunch out at Honeypie with Mama, Dada, Grandma, and Della. Took your first bottle at lunch. Belly button scab fell off that night, looked just a little raw and sore, but a bandage helped it heal nicely by the following morning.


November 4, 2012

First time skipping one of your nightly

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